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Legal regulation of the use of dashboard cameras: Aspects of privacy protection


This study aims to analyse and compare the legal regulations of selected countries related to the use of dashboard cameras (dashcams) in vehicles and to publish the corresponding recordings of dashboard cameras in the context of privacy protection. Researchers used empirical analysis of legal documents and case law, as well as the analysis of the decisions and opinions of the institutions in charge of data protection in selected countries to identify the legal regulation of dashcam use. The study selected countries in Europe that first banned the use of dashcams, or that have enacted specific prohibitions or court decisions, as well as those that do not prohibit their use and where the dashcams are in widespread use. The article presents the authors’ position on the legal regulation and assessment of dashcam use, i.e. that, according to the authors, dashcam use and/or publication of their recordings should not be forbidden in the EU. The results of this research may be applied to the regulation of corresponding relations as well as for assessment of situations connected with the use of dashcams and/or publication of recordings made with dashcams and related violations of the right to privacy and when interpreting various situations on the use of dashcams and/or publications of their recordings.

Autoriai: Darius Štitilis, Marius Laurinaitis



Pilnas straipsnis: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0267364916300267

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