EU and NATO cybersecurity strategies and national cyber security strategies: a comparative analysis


Given the global nature of cyber threats, assurance of a cyber security policy is very important not only at organization level but also at national level. Currently, cyber security as such is not independently regulated internationally; therefore the role of the EU and NATO in ensuring cyber security has become particularly significant. This article presents a study which compares the cyber security policies of the EU and NATO organizations. An analysis of how national cyber security strategies correspond with the cyber security policies and the strategic directions of these organizations has been carried out. We have also carried out a comparative study of the provision of national cyber security strategies of the EU and NATO. The study reveals that regardless of similar goals, namely assurance of cyber resilience, the selected harmonization and coordination approaches, as well as norms of national cybersecurity strategies, differ.

Autoriai: Darius Štitilis, Inga Malinauskaitė

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