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Concepts and principles of cyber security strategies


In the last few decades, the understanding of security has been changing. New areas emerged which may in uence security facets, which were not urgent earlier. Now those facets can endanger individual persons or even states. Breaches of cyber security, sepa- rate attacks or intense cyber wars are becoming more usual than conventional wars in the physical space; violations of cyber security may cause great damage, ruin businesses or even temporarily paralyze full- edged functioning of individual states or regions. Many countries of the world, realizing that such a threat is real, adopted Cyber Security Strategies; for some countries, this is not the rst version of such a strategy. This article examines the place of Cyber Security Strategies in the system of state documents, the nature and importance of such strategies as well as whether they are binding on individuals and institutions. The article explores in more detail the principles of ensuring cyber security provided for in such strategies, i.e. the principles identi ed by the states, as important for ensuring cyber security. It is discussed why these principles are so different in the strategies of individual states.

Autoriai: Darius Štitilis, Paulius Pakutinskas, Uldis Kinis, Inga Malinauskaitė

Pilnas straipsnis: http://jssidoi.org/jssi/uploads/papers/22/Stitilis_Concepts_and_principles_of_cyber_security_strategies.pdf

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